Friday, September 18, 2009

Tips for Having a Good Party

When you're planning a party, your top priority is making sure your guests have a good time. You want to host a party that no one wants to end. So use these tips to plan your next fiesta and it's sure to be a hit.

Difficulty: Moderately Easy
Things You'll Need:
Upbeat music
Comfortable surroundings
Diverse guest list
Step 1
Plan your event ahead of time. This gives your guests enough notice and allows you to get everything ready.
Step 2
Set goals for your event, such as the object of the party. Is it to hang out with close friends? Introduce people? Celebrate an event? Whatever the reason, you'll want to focus on this goal as you're planning your party.
Step 3
Decide where you want to have your party. The location is very important, as you want to create a relaxed and comfortable setting for your guests. Whether you're hosting the event in a tiny apartment or a huge banquet hall, make sure the venue is warm and welcoming.
Step 4
Create your guest list. The people are the main element in determining whether your party is successful. Invite a variety of personalities and include people from various backgrounds--this will help ensure that your guests have something to talk about with each other.
Step 5
Set your date. Although spontaneous parties can be fun, it is best to invite your guests at least two to three weeks' before the event. This gives them ample notice and increases the likelihood that they will come.
Step 6
Plan a simple and yummy menu. Make sure you take all of your guests' likes and dislikes into consideration. If Joe is a vegan, you'll want to include two to three dishes that are free of animal products for him. Make sure you also have an assortment of beverages.
Step 7
Create a soundtrack for your party. Include a variety of musical genres so that there's something for every guest.
Step 8
Wherever you decide to have the party, make sure it is cleaned and organized when your guests arrive.
Step 9
Pay attention to your guests. Remember: as the host, it's your duty to entertain them. Mingle with everyone and make sure you are attentive and available in case they need anything.
Step 10
Finally, relax and have fun–after all, if you don't appear to be having a good time, how can you expect your guests to?
By Jessica Saras eHow Contributing Writer