Sunday, August 23, 2009

Memori Bazar Ramadhan 2007 di Taman Melawati

Artikel ini diambil dari blog : Ketika itu kami turut terlibat berniaga di Bazar Ramadhan. Penulis datang dari satu gerai ke satu gerai bertemankan lensa kamera dan buku catitan, membuat temuramah ringkas mengenai masakan-masakan lazat negara kita.

This is from the Nasi Beriani stall run by the Mazia Catering. Usually I see cockles and lalas, first time seeing Mussels being used. These are local mussels hence not as big as the New Zealand green lipped ones. Aside from cooked seafood, this stall sells rarely seen Johor specialties like Botok Botok (steamed fish with herbs and leaves) and Nasi Ambeng. Originating from Jawa, Nasi Ambeng or Nasi Ambang is usually served in weddings and presented in dulangs or trays where everyone shares the food. This version here had a bit of everything - fried meehoon, rice, a piece of fried chicken with curry leaves, fried tempe, fried ikan bilis, brinjal, french beans cooked with foo chook (bean curd sheets) and kerisik. It's a lot of food for RM5. When the stall owner saw me snapping pictures, she was very sweet and packed a portion for me to sample. Despite me asking her to take my monies, she refused hence I ended up having a pack of Nasi Ambeng to take home. I tried a bit of it since I had dinner plans already and the fried chicken got my thumbs up as it has these addictive coconut bits.